Closet Improvement

As I mentioned earlier, the closet that Matt and I now share is probably smaller than the one I used to have all to myself. Well, it was definitely smaller until my awesome brother-in-law  Tyler moved the existing bar up and put in a second rod. This second rod doubles our hanging space and obviously […]

Being Realistic

When Matt and I talk about the condo, we like dream about what we could do – it would be nice to make big changes. But we have to be realistic. There are some things that we have to keep in mind: 1. The condo isn’t ever going to be our dream house. It’s a […]

Two People and One Condo

I’m learning that it’s an adjustment when two people start living under one roof. During our engagement when I would think about Matt moving in after the wedding, I naively thought that it wouldn’t be much of an adjustment. I’d had four different roommates in the condo already, and I knew that my best friend […]

My Thoughts on Pinterest and Blogs

My Pinterest Boards

I guess it was 2009 or early 2010 that I started reading some blogs. When a friend introduced me to, I was hooked. I started devouring blogs that talked about DIY, decorating, projects…. I loved that I could follow instructions and do things to make my condo look better and feel more like a […]

Half-Bath Updates

half bath

The half bath is one of my favorite rooms in our place. Is that sad? I just love how it has changed over time! When I closed on the condo, it looked like this: I know that the picture does not show the whole room very well, so I’ll paint you a word picture – […]

Kitchen Updates

So the “before” pictures were pretty rough, I know. I promise that today’s will be a little bit better because I want to show you the progress that’s been made in the kitchen. First, here is the kitchen on the day we had the inspection: Pretty bad, huh? The wallpaper was literally falling off of […]

The Ugly Condo

On October 19, 2008, I stood in the middle of a mostly empty living room and looked around. I heard my Mom saying that I could do it – it just needed some paint and elbow grease. I felt uncertain as I took it all in – the bamboo shades on every window, the mustard […]

The Beginning

Hi! I’m starting this blog courtesy of my AWESOME husband, Matt, who is the amazing. I tell him often that he is the bomb and even “” so that’s how the blog got its name (see About above). Matt and I met on March 3, 2011 and we got married on August 11, 2012. He’s […]