Kitchen Updates

So the “before” pictures were pretty rough, I know. I promise that today’s will be a little bit better because I want to show you the progress that’s been made in the kitchen.

First, here is the kitchen on the day we had the inspection:

Kitchen - Before

Pretty bad, huh? The wallpaper was literally falling off of the walls, too. There was a spot by the pantry door where you could stick our hand between the wallpaper and the wall. Yuck. It just felt so dirty and that’s not what you want your kitchen to feel like.

So, after I had been in the house a few months, I decided that enough was enough. I had been really unsuccessful at getting the wallpaper in the bathroom to come down on my own, so I called the painter I had used for that job and asked him to come paint the kitchen. It was so worth it!

Red Kitchen

Red Kitchen

The pictures above make it look much more maroon than it actually was/is. They do show, though, how rough the cabinets looked. Especially the cabinets by the sink that were damaged from having water splashed on them.

About a year after the kitchen was painted red, I decided to paint the cabinets. I chose to paint the cabinets black except the drawer fronts and the inset wood piece on the cabinets, which I painted the barely-off-white that I had painted all of my trim*. I don’t remember exactly what sparked the idea to do two-toned cabinets, but I didn’t want to paint them all off-white because I was afraid they would blend in with the off-white laminate countertops, and I was afraid that all black would be too dark.

I think that it is still the biggest project that I have ever done by myself. It took hours and hours and while I’m so glad I did it, I would be even more glad if I never had to do it again.

So here are the most recent pictures…

The refrigerator is covered in papers, but they’re all special to us. There are Save-the-Dates, Prayer reminders, and on the bottom are drawings from Matt’s cousins from our wedding reception.


The pictures above are the most recent ones I have, and they include some other changes worth pointing out:

1. The microwave was replaced around the same time that I painted the cabinets. I think that we got it on a Black Friday sale from Lowe’s.

2. The oven was replaced as a wedding present from my Mom this summer.

3. I did some canvas art to cover the ugly telephone jack on the wall by the pantry.

4. I hung black and white pictures in frames in the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Does that space have a name? Anyway, they’re extra-special to me because they’re all pictures that I have taken (except one that my sister took).

5. I painted the pantry door with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. (There’s a sweet note from Matt that he wrote in January still on there!)


So what’s next for the kitchen? Well, I’m drawing some inspiration from my Kitchen board on Pinterest, but here are some more specific to-do’s:

  • I have been wanting to replace the flooring in there since I moved in; I may try doing some self-stick linoleum tiles.
  • We bought stuff from Ikea to help store pots and pans – I just need Matt to help me mount it on the wall. {I’ll post about it after we do it – I’m really excited about it!} UPDATE – see that completed project here
  • We’re going to get a new trash can – we have gift cards and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons!
  • I would like to replace or redo the canvas art so that it’s something more meaningful than circles.
  • We bought handles and drawer pulls from Ikea that we can install.
  • I want to redo the chalkboard paint on the pantry door because I used a brush instead of a roller (like I should have) and the texture is too bumpy.
  • I would love to have some kind of backsplash behind the sink.
  • Down the road I want to repaint the pantry (maybe a fun color?) and remove the contact paper on the shelves.

In general, we want to make the kitchen not so strikingly red and white and black, so we are considering:

  • Repainting the walls (possibly a green)
  • Resurfacing the countertops (with a kit from Lowe’s or with a butcher block from Ikea)
  • Repainting the cabinets (yikes!)
  • Removing the doors on the cabinet above the sink (like Meredith at Welcome to Heardmont)


Oh, Kitchen – you have come a long way and served me well!


* All of my trim is painted a color called Moonshine by Pittsburgh Paints but I can’t find anything like it online. I think that it’s pretty close to the Benjamin Moore color lemon ice (maybe just a little bit lighter)