Kitchen Plans

So I shared the big plans for the condo last week – we’re getting new flooring in our living room and kitchen! Hooray! That is the biggest change we’ve got planned, but it’s definitely not the only thing we’re updating in the kitchen! Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I think that the time and money we invest in it will definitely be worth it. I talked about kitchen updates over a year ago, but here’s a quick recap: the kitchen was really ugly and now it’s not ugly. Kitchen Before and After So far the kitchen has had the following updates:

  • wallpaper removed
  • walls painted red
  • cabinets painted black and white
  • microwave replaced
  • oven replaced
  • canvas art to disguise phone jack
  • frames added
  • pantry door painted
  • pot rack installed (see the post here)

Kitchen Updates - Kitchen Updates - Kitchen Updates -   While I’m so thankful that the kitchen looks the way it does now vs. how it looked 5 years ago, there are still some things that we’d like to do to make it a room that we can be excited about. The red walls with black and white cabinets are definitely an improvement, but now I’d really like something not so bold. So with a modest budget and a lot of paint, I think we’ve got a gameplan! 🙂 Kitchen Makeover Plan -   Here’s the list: (1) Repaint the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Sherwood Green. I love this shade of green because it’s not too overpowering but still has some color too it.

Sherwood Green


(2) Install Ikea butcherblock countertop. Actually, my sister and brother-in-law are going to install it but I’ll help as much as I can!

Ikea Counter


(3) Repaint the cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s Mt Rainier Gray. I can’t believe that I’m undertaking this project again, but I feel more prepared this time around, especially since Matt’s going to help me! 🙂 Oh and we love the paint color even more because we actually saw Mt Rainier this summer when we went to Seattle! *Update – We ended up choosing a different color, but we repainted the cabinets and you can read about that here and here.*Mt Rainier Gray


(4) Install the knobs and drawer pulls that we bought at Ikea. Ikea Knobs


(5) My sister and brother-in-law are going to help us install laminate wood flooring, like I posted about here.

Distressed Brown Hickory


I don’t have pictures for the last four things but they’re less dramatic changes than the one I’ve pictured –

(6) Install backsplash.

(7) Get a new trash can. I don’t know why it’s taking so long for us to just go to Bed Bath and Beyond…. (8) Redo the canvas art that’s covering the ugly phone jack. (Actually, this is project is almost done!) (9) Redo the chalkboard paint on the pantry. (I used a brush and the texture is too rough. That’s why the same message has been on the board for 2 years… that and it’s an incredibly sweet note from Matt that I can’t bring myself to erase. (10) After repainting the walls, we won’t put the small black frames back up on the walls. Thank you for serving me well, red kitchen. I will miss you but I’m looking forward to a more serene and comfortable look!   Do you see anything else you think could use an update? I’m open to suggestions 🙂