Easy Fabric Flowers

Have y’all had crazy weather this week? We are having snow tonight so I’m enjoying looking out the window and really looking forward to working from home tomorrow! Since work has finally slowed down after a crazy couple of months, I’ve finally had time to get some things done around our place.

I have been wanting for a while to make some fabric flowers to put on a new wreath that I’m planning on putting together. *UPDATE: You can see the completed wreath here* I had pinned this tutorial from Craft Snob and that’s the basis for what I did, although I did also get help from this tutorial from Bower Power Blog and this tutorial from Ink Blots and Polka Dots.

I just used extra fabric that I had been holding onto – a pink stripe fabric that’s actually an old bedskirt and gray and green cotton fabric left over from pillow covers that I made from flat twin sheets. When it came time to measure the fabric into strips, it worked out that my level is 2 inches wide by 24 inches long, so I actually just laid the fabric out and traced around the level with a pencil so I was sure to have a staight line. I like making things easy 🙂 Once they were outlined, cutting the strips out was a cinch!

Once I had the strips, I simply took one end in my left hand and then twisted the fabric.

Fabric Strips

I twisted the fabric tightly with my right hand, adjusting it as I went along.

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As it got closer to the end, it wanted to twist back up on itself.

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When I had the whole strip twisted, I formed the twist into the flower. I used the end in my left hand as a base (the center of the flower) and wrapped the rest of the strip around it. I had to do some maneuvering to make it look right, but overall it was really easy and it was so tight that I was able to tuck both ends back into the flower – I really didn’t even have to use glue right away! The picture below is the flower staying together without glue, but I did add glue at each end and at a few spots in the middle. (I used fabric glue because my hot glue gun is MIA.)

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Here are all of the flowers done!

Easy Fabric Flowers - MrsBomb.com

Easy Fabric Flowers - MrsBomb.com

I may try to do some more flowers with drop cloth and/or try varying the width to make different sizes, but I’m really happy with the ones that I have!

These were so easy that they hardly seemed worth sharing but sometimes it’s good to know that those projects that seem straightforward and easy really are are simple as they seem! 🙂 Have you ever made flowers from fabric? Or ribbon? I’m always excited to hear about fun new projects!


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