Gift Wrap Storage – Part 3

OK, so when I left off the “Part 2” post, the gift bags were being moved to the attic. When I started moving the bags, I realized that one hook wasn’t enough, so I put a second hook in another wood beam.

Hanging Bags


Hanging Bags

I still had tissue paper and a few squares of folded wrapping paper that I needed to store, so I used the clips to hang those too.

Wrappin Paper

I really didn’t like how precariously the cards seemed to be sitting in the baskets – the baskets were too shallow and narrow for the cards.

Cards in Basket

Then I remembered the Young House Love image I had seen at the beginning.  I raced to the post on their website to see what their card storage had looked like and what they had used – BINGO! A CD basket.


I looked around online and found the best deal at The Container Store. I checked the dimensions listed online and compared that to the size of the cards. It seemed like it would be a great option – deep and wide and high enough! Within a few days, I’d picked up 3 baskets.

CD basket

I guessed at where I wanted the basket to be, and then I was able to draw marks through the wire straight onto the door. I checked that the marks were level and adjusted as needed. I took the same type of wood screws that I had used on the rails and went from inside the basket straight into the closet door. I didn’t have to make a hole in the basket – I just used the screwdriver to thread the screw through the back of the basket. It worked great!

Card Basket

I ended up using removing the middle rail so that I could attach all 3 baskets to the door – one basket for cards and the other two baskets for ribbons. I was really surprised at how much ribbon I had! I don’t feel like I buy ribbon that often, but I guess since I saved all of the ribbons from our wedding presents, we had accumulated quite a mountain.

3 Baskets

Ribbon Basket

Since the gift bags had been moved to inside the closet, the top rail was empty. I used some remaining s-hooks to hang a basket that I had on hand. I put some extra bows in there (again – I cannot believe the amount of ribbons and bows we have!)

Top Basket

And with that done, I called the gift wrap storage project complete!

Here are the “final” pictures –






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  • Rose

    Hi, Helen! Love your bio…love Jesus, too. I don’t know your husband, :-). Your post, however, rocks! Thanks for the great idea.

    • Helen

      Thank you, Rose! What a sweet comment – I love finding other Jesus-followers! You made my morning 🙂

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  • nancy

    Hi Helen – and Rose!
    Isn’t Jesus just amazing!?! And I really like the card box. Good idea.

    • Helen

      Thanks, Nancy! I’m glad you like the card box! 🙂