Looking Back

Hi y’all, 

I feel compelled to apologize for going MIA the last few weeks, but I’m trying to stop saying “Sorry” so much so I won’t. Besides, when we were little my Dad said that when you’re sorry it means that you won’t do it again. And if you told me that I had to do this whole December over again, I’d probably cry and I certainly wouldn’t decide to squeeze in blog posts.

The first three weeks of December were rough. Like working every evening and 2 weekends tough. But it could have been even worse and I’m thankful for all of the good things that happened during those weeks. We still got to see friends and spend time with our small group at church. Ashley is safely back in the U.S. for a break and I finally got to hug her and have her over – even if it was for take out pizza and I felt a bit like a zombie. Matt was incredibly supportive and encouraging  while I was so busy and stressed; we still got to spend time together – even if a lot of it was sitting on the couch working on our laptops side by side until after midnight. We still got a wonderful slightly crooked and charming tree and got to decorate for Christmas. And when work was over for vacation, I was able to unplug and have time that was really free, refreshing, and strengthening. We got to spend time with Matt’s family here in NC and then we drove to Florida to spend time with my side of the family. Now we’re enjoying the last few days of vacation and feel refreshed going into the new year.
All that’s to say, the blog just wasn’t important enough to lose sleep over the last few weeks. I wish I’d been able to post about our tree, how it went using my Christmas planner, new Christmas decorations, recipes that we tried, etc. But it I did the best that I could. I’m not going to quit because it’s not perfect. Besides, there’s always next year.
So from me to you, thank you. When I look back at this year, this blog was one of my favorite parts and I’m excited about what’s coming in 2014. I’ll tell you more about it next time 😉
Just for fun, here are my 10 favorite posts from this year –