31 Days – Christmas Planner {Day 30}

I’m participating in The Nester’s 31 Days Challenge, so for the month of October I’ll be writing each day about 31 Days of Christmas: plan a little now to enjoy it more later. You can see all of the posts here

So, I have an addiction. To Google docs. Especially Google spreadsheets.

I’ve already mentioned confessed that I have Google spreadsheets where I keep birthdays and anniversaries, addresses, recipes, and gift ideas.

But now, I want to share with you what is probably my favorite one yet – the Christmas planner spreadsheet. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have it all together and tend to I over-plan things to try to compensate for being a mess. I know that there are definitely gurus that have better planning strategies. But I created something that works for me and I want to share it with you.

I’ve printed out Christmas planning templates in the past, but I don’t like toting a bunch of paper around and I like the flexibility of editing my spreadsheet planner to be exactly what I want it to be. I discussed Google drive when I posted about how I organize my recipes, so you may want to pop over there if you aren’t very familiar with how it works.

I think that in trying to be thorough, I went a little overboard with the file. If you download a copy, don’t be overwhelmed! 🙂 Just delete whatever you don’t need. Add lines, reformat, sort data, add and delete… do whatever you want to make it usable and helpful. Currently the planner contains the following tabs  –

1) To Do List – I broke the items out by category for the template, but in my personal planner I plan on adding dates to all of the items and then sorting everything by date. I listed general ideas and things that I don’t want to forget, but you should add and delete items to make it work for you!

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - To Do List


2) Bucket List – This corresponds to the Don’t Miss List that I talked about earlier in this series. This could also be where you write your family’s Vision for Christmas.

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Christmas Bucket List


3) November Calendar  – If you have a different calendar that you use regularly, just delete or ignore this tab. I thought it would be helpful to see which days are busier than others and plan margin to keep things from getting too hectic.

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - November Calendar


4) December Calendar – Like the November calendar, delete or ignore this tab if it’s not helpful. Just remember to keep some days free to relax and enjoy this month!

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - December Calendar


5) Budget – I listed the Christmas-related expenditures that I could think of and left spaces for you to keep track of the actual amounts spent. It’s a good idea to make notes about this year’s budget for next year while it’s fresh in your mind.

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Budget


6) Gift List – I find it helpful to have one place where I can keep track of everyone that will be receiving a gift from us and what we are giving them. Like I posted earlier, a Pinterest board is a good place to brainstorm ideas. Just remember that gift-giving is not what this season is all about. 🙂

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Gift List


7) Address List – If you don’t have another place that you store your addresses, this tab may be a good place! (It’s straightforward, so no picture for this one.)

8) Meals/Baking List – I am most excited about this tab! It’s really going to help me plan the food that we’re preparing this year. I inserted a few example lines to show the food gifts and desserts that we definitely want to make, as well as dishes for special meals.

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Meals and Baking


9) Grocery List – If you have your recipes stored in this file, it would be easy to copy and paste from the ingredients list into this tab. Like everything else with this planner, if it’s creating more work or you have a better system, just ignore it!

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Grocery List


10) Christmas Recipes – I included recipes for Apple Pie and Spiced Sugar cookies!

MrsBomb Christmas Planner - Apple Pies


To receive a copy of this planner, you can sign up here to get periodic updates from MrsBomb.com. A link to the planner will be emailed to you after you confirm your subscription; it should come within an hour of your confirmation email. I hate spam as much as the next girl, so I’ll only send you cool DIY projects and handy tips every couple of weeks or so. If you have any trouble getting the file, please leave me a comment on this post or use the Contact page from the navigation menu on the left-hand side of this page.

This planner is really just a template, so feel free to edit it however you want to make it most useful for you and your family. Right now it’s read-only, so when you get the link, you’ll want to do a quick File –> Make a Copy to save your own version. Add lines, re-sort or re-format, add and delete… do whatever you want to make it usable and helpful.

This planner isn’t intended to add to your stress or put more pressure on you. I want you to have an easier, less stressful, more enjoyable, more memorable Christmas. My hope is that this planner can be a tool to help you have the best Christmas yet!

Free Customizable Christmas Planner - MrsBomb.com


31 Days of Christmas - MrsBomb.com
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